Snack attack
Snack attack
  • Client: Ryvita
  • Scope: Design, Technology

Inspiring global consumers through original, tasty and visually rich culinary experiences


Ryvita globally offers a wide range of high quality products, such as crispbread, snackbread and crackers.

Our main challenge was to build a digital platform for the company’s international brand presence across Australia, Canada, Norway and Sweden. And to reflect a more premium and gourmet approach to the brand.


Our concept centered on presenting Ryvita’s products as tasty, interesting and versatile snacks. And link them to the category of gourmet food.

With that in mind we created a series of strong visuals expressing their flavour and sophistication. This new look and feel could be appreciated over the main site and micro-sites, as well as in the ‘recipe maker site’.


To this end we shot all images on the site showing Ryvita products topped with delicious ingredients. Subtle animations on the homepage were used to emphasise the crunch and texture shown in every image.


We helped Ryvita sharing their values, heritage and range of products in an innovative way. Flavours, versatility and quality were represented by vivid visuals, also re-used by the brand in different ways and formats.

This site worked really well across wide audiences thanks to its flexibility and adaptability to different tastes and interests and also received recognition from the creative industry through an special mention from the ‘Awwwards’.


  • UX/UI Design
  • Websites
  • Photography
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